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Mervin Greer
Director and Principal
Swan Real Estate | Waterford West QLD
Working one-on-one with Mishal for the last 5 months has been very rewarding and inspiring. He consistently brought valuable insights and strategies that have been instrumental in making significant improvements to my personal and professional life. Mishal identified key areas in my business that with effective strategies would help structure and grow my business. He also helped me to refocus on the areas of life that were important to me and regain some balance. As a result, it has been a very positive experience. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mishk Coaching & training to any person wanting to develop greater self-awareness, identify goals and improve your skills and performance.
Len Goud
Real Estate Agent
Matrix Global Real Estate
Investing in MishK Coaching & Training is one of the best decisions I have made. By using Mishal’s proven methods I have achieved great results personally and professionally. The great thing is that he does not sugar coat it, he tells it how it is. If you want the results and to achieve your goals then listen to this guy and repeat. Not only that, the support he gives is amazing. This guy is a machine and is switched on! Working in Real Estate is a competitive industry, however I am more than confident now than ever in my abilities because I have a plan, a plan to take massive amount of action. If you want to get ahead professionally then get in contact with Mishal.
Cathy Walton
Director and Real Estate Agent
Walton Property Group, Sydney
Mishal is a true inspiration! His aptitude, passion for his job and understanding of how to get the best out of your business, is in my opinion, unmatched! Glad I got the phone call from him to engage his services and would highly recommend him to people just wanting to help them work on their business and gain a better outcome and presence in the market place. Keep up your good work Mishal!
David Curran
Director and Owner
Hatsonline PTY LTD
Last year I thought I was a business owner. But I wasn’t. I was a sole operator who had simply created myself a job, and it was a job that came with a whole range of extra headaches and issues burying me deeper IN my business. I didn’t need ideas. I had plenty of them. I didn’t need motivation. My bank balance gave me that. What I needed was a strategy to get me from 1 level to the next, and the next, and I didn’t have a clear one I could execute easily. A chance phone meeting in late 2017 with Mishal changed that, and shortly after that, we started working ON my business. Mishal’s energetic, practical, no BS approach to sales, marketing and business building, is a refreshing change from the usual, and he has a very genuine concern for my business, and ultimately my personal wealth. I’m excited for the business’ future, however, what is important is the facts. So far this happened…
  1. We have had 2 months of record sales in excess of a 35% gain over average monthly sales since the business started.
  2. We have a recipe for achieving greater sales, and long term customer loyalty.
  3. We have an additional full time staff member…. and view them as a positive investment in the business.
  4. We have a clear reason for being in business, and for more than just financial gain.
  5. Certainly I’m a long way off where I want to be, and the goal posts will always change.
The difference is today they are an achievable reality. and I’m closer than ever to creating a self sustaining, and satisfying business.
Margaret Glazebrooke
Marketing Manager
Genesis Property Group PTY LTD
"Mishal mentored me at a time when I had just started in marketing and sales. His guidance was key to achieving my KPI’s, operating at a high level and staying there at the top. His goal setting and positive reinforcement techniques among many others paves a way for success, in the now and future endeavours."
Shane West
Eastside Property Centre
"We had the pleasure of working with Mishal from MishkCoaching&Training from November 2017 to February 2018.Mishal worked one on one with all our team members to introduce strategies to improve our prospecting for new business.  He also assisted me personally with leadership skills and mindset.  He has a wealth of knowledge to assist both business owners and team members achieve their goals.  Full of positive energy and enthusiasm, I would recommend him if you need a mentor to assist with growing your business."
Prashant Giri ‘’Prezy’’
Managing Director
Doree Embroidery & Screen Printing
"MishK Coaching has been a pleasure to do business with. Mishal took the time to understand our business and helped us identify our core strengths and weaknesses and an action plan to drive our company to achieve its full potential. He was always readily available to answer our questions and I believe will be an asset to any organisation who choses to utilise his services."
Russell Smith
Director & Currencies Analyst
Forex Trade ED PTY
"Mish, what a delight it is knowing you. Your expressions of thoughtful prompts ,used with precision questioning, and seamless style stay with me always. I feel your ability to inspire with energy and leadership qualities was a shining light during a difficult time for me personally. You have a natural aptitude for what you do, and your capacity to find that place, that stimulates reason; "the why, and the what for"... we do the things we do. You are a joy to work with, and I thank you..."