OKAY listen to me very closely,

Almost EVERYTHING you will ever want or need in your life, is on the other side of your comfort zone. Don’t be too attached with idea of ONLY doing things that you are comfortable with. Don’t be shackled by your own thinking.

Understand this guys, your highest life is always on the other side of your maximum fears and insecurities. You cannot live your life based on other peoples’ expectation of you. People are always going to try and mould you into their thinking and their life style so they don’t feel insecure around you. They don’t want you to try that new venture, your friends don’t want you to move out of home town and will sell you on thousand reasons how miserably you would fail if you go after your goals. EVEN your family will try and talk you out of your highest life by instilling fear into your heart, may be because they are just worried about you.

All I am saying is, listen to everything they had to say but then simply just don’t act on them. Those are THIERS’ fears and insecurities. Not yours. Get this, 90% of our fears are borrowed. Borrowed from our environment, our parents, friends, teachers, government. Got it!! And whatever we borrow and don’t give it back becomes our possession.

Let’s Move!!