Good WOLF – Bad WOLF

Okay Listen up CLOSELY.

We all have TWO wolves living inside of us and they are constantly in fight with each other. We got a Good Wolf and a Bad Wolf and Whoever you are going to feed the most WILL grow stronger and ultimately dictate our life.

Let’s say you feed the bad wolf, it will beat the crap out of a good wolf and you will spend rest of your life in total darkness, you will live your life, assuming that there are no good people in this world, you will fill your heart with negativity, hatred and resentment. The bad wolf feeds its energy from seeing bad in every situation. It is phenomenal in playing the VICTIM. It can trick you into believing that the world is coming to an end so there is no point putting your best front out there. It could be very sneaky like a cancer and before you know it will contaminate your entire belief system.

However, Let’s say you decide to MAKE a conscious choice to FEED the good wolf. The good wolf stands for positivity, Joy, happiness and fulfilment. It’s that LIGHT at the end of a tunnel. That inner VOICE which quietly suggest us to keep on moving EVEN in the face of total uncertainty and constant disappointments. It’s that smell of fresh ambition EVERY GODDAM morning. When you CONSISTENTLY feed the good WOLF, it will take you to the places you can’t EVEN imagine. It doesn’t LET YOU SURRENDER to failures, humiliations AND the cut throat competition.

Now you GOTTA make the decision, which side you are on? The BAD WOLF OR THE GOOD WOLF.

Let’s Roll.