It’s a team game.

It doesn’t matter how many degrees you have accumulated over the years, how many mentors you have had in your ENTIRE life time. It sure as hell does not matter, who are your parents or where you come from, you can’t do it all by yourself. You will need A TEAM of good hardworking people around you who support and believe in you and your journey.

Surround yourself with good people. Respect them but most importantly, let them know how much you appreciate their constant support and faith in you and your dreams. People want to take the credit for everything that works and blame others for things that don’t work. You’ll dig yourself into a massive whole if that’s how you see the world.

Just be a DECENT human-being and please please don’t treat other people like DIRT. There are two ways to build the tallest building in town. One is by tearing other buildings down and two is JUST build your own tallest building by working hard, by elevating the standards of people around you and helping others along the way. Being a DECENT human being is always A GOOD MOVE and will NEVER be out of style. Respect the people in your team/life and they will respect you back. SIMPLE!!

and that’s why 0.02cents for the day.

Let’s Roll!!!