Get this Guys, Slow and steady wins the race is a formula for disappointment and frustration. Slow and steady will destroy your spirit and will force you into abandoning your dreams and visions.

Learn to move with fanatic speed and urgency. You gotta focus on dollar producing activities or any actions and activities which takes you closer to that end results. and yes, I understand that your days are going to be unstructured and your emotions might take over you every now on then but just STAY THE COURSE. You don’t have to get on board with every emotion you feel.

Put your emotions in the back pocket for the next 5 years. Get totally mechanical about your processes and approach. Fall-down, fail, reinvent yourself, DO WHATEVER YOU GOTTA DO but AT ALL TIMES stay in the MOTION without doubting the process. Learn from the pressure. Pressure is a wonderful thing. You can grow and develop some SERIOUS PERSPECTIVE when you have your back against the wall.

So, move with speed but then also DEPLOY patience, you aren’t going to change anything over night. Every time you are tempted to slow down or QUIT half way, JUST REMEMBER, you might be pushing down your dreams back for 6 months. There’s going to be plenty of time to CHILL when you get to the destination. No one in the history of humanity has ever achieved anything significant by CHILLING.

Let’s make this day count!!!