Understand this guys, whatever you have learnt in school or in college, comes with an expiration date. None of that knowledge is going to serve you FOREVER.

We are living in a time where the world around us is changing CONSTANTLY and RAPIDLY. We are living in an EVER evolving world. So, to think that whatever you know right now will serve you for another 100 years is totally absurd and will do a lot of damage to your personal and professional growth.

What got you here, sure as hell, will not take you there. Don’t wrap your EGO around what you know right now. If you are not constantly acquiring new skills, you are doing a MASSIVE disservice to yourself, your business and your family.

Marketplace has changed over the years. Whatever has served you for the PAST 20 years will not necessarily serve you for years coming forward. So, stop getting so emotional about your past Moves/strategies and the results it has given you. Marketplace couldn’t care less about how you feel about things. Get a GRIP on your emotions.

Understand this guys, you can LEARN whatever you set your mind to irrespective of your AGE. People don’t like to attempt things they haven’t grown up with and far too many people are stuck in a loop of doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Every stage of your life requires you to learn NEW skills. AND here’s a secret guys, THESE SKILLS ARE LEARNABLE.

Get your head around this concept, if you want to STAY valuable AND relevant to your business, marketplace, your community and ultimately your FAMILY then you gotta have A GROWTH MINDSET.

ASK yourself, what’s that ONE skill you GOTTA learn RIGHT NOW which will take care of your business and your tribe for the next few years?

Let’s Go!!