Welcome to MishK Coaching and Training, where our overriding ambition is to turn mere managers into great, value adding leaders who are fearless but compassionate in their focus towards making your bottom line meaningful.

MishK Coaching and Training works in a unique and distinct way from the way other training institutions do. Implementing only a practical and realistic approach, we work to train managers’ minds by smashing the limiting paradigms a lot of us carry around unconsciously which ultimately restricts our ability to take radical action towards our goals.

MishK is passionate about training organization’s staff to go after their KPIs like their life depended on it. We know that when you have a well-trained and committed staff, you get a hundred and twenty percent of solid input from them.

Our service revolves around coaching staff of small and medium sized companies on goal setting, state management, peak performance mind set, how to increase productivity and efficiency, increasing number of qualified seen appointments, and the right sales/ marketing attitude etc.

Our mission is to help these small and medium size businesses achieve their business goals by turning their managers into great leaders and their staff into value adding machines, irrespective of the current market situation. This is because staff enthusiasm will always trump a sliding economy. With a qualified, suitably armed and enthusiastic staff, any company can achieve market dominance, and we are here to help you achieve just that.

MishK Coaching and Training has a motto which it applies every business day, “Be a Rockstar of your game”, and this is the motto it teaches it clients.
Founded by Mishal who has solid experience in marketing and sales, MishK Coaching and Training seeks to hone minds and fire up in employees the zeal for success and excellence.

A little background info on Mishal Dalal.

Mishal’s journey to the here and now to become owner and lead trainer of MishK Coaching and Training has been long and rewarding. Moving to Australia at age 23 as a student, his first job was with a private company called HC mobile communication in B2B sales. Working on a commission basis meant no sales, no pay. Because he was determined not to go hungry, he clawed his way up to becoming one of the highest earning employees of that company that same year.

He moved on to a high-pressure marketing job for an investment property sourcing company, where he worked as a marketing manger to make allowance for his University studies commitment. He struggled for the first couple of weeks, made several mistakes and was on the verge of getting fired.

With only $10 left in his account, he certainly wasn’t going to get himself fired. So, with only few hours to prove himself, he gave it all he had and that day became the turning point in his life. He ended up getting 4 Appointments that night and, also managed to keep his job.

He didn’t get fired either when the company had to let staff go in 2011 after cuts. Rather, he ended up becoming one of the most successful regional marketing managers for Sydney and Melbourne, due to his hard work and unrelenting attitude to work. Gradually, he was put in charge of 20 other full time marketers and his job was to train and coach his team, hire new team members and motivate them throughout the day to improve the company’s bottom line. He trained people with no previous experience to become the best performers and highest earning employees of the company.

He was 29 years by then, and had found his calling in life. He started reading the right books, attending seminars, and attracting the right mentors. By the end of 2 years, he had almost read more than 200 books on the subject matter of coaching and staff empowerment. His passion and his vast knowledge on the subject matter is what led to the founding of MishK Coaching and Training, Australia’s peak performance training company.

Why MishK Coaching and Training?

It is possible to become raise absolutely phenomenal employees, through conditioning their belief system about what’s possible, conditioning them to thrive under the greatest pressure possible, and instilling the importance of goal setting.
MishK Coaching and Training is set to help you raise unquestionably phenomenal employees, starting today. Let’s get started, shall we?