3 powerful habits that you must adopt !!

As they say We don’t decide our future. We decide our habits and then our HABITS decide our future. What if you are only one or two habits away from a whole new life and a whole new career. In this video I want to talk to you all about 3 habits that have changed the trajectory of my entire life. 10 years ago I was a completely different person ( People who know me, they know in detail about the shortcoming that I had). I was scared of most of the things in my life. Had major anxiety issues, I would walk away from any situation which would put me into an uncomfortable position.

The only advantage that I had at that time, I was AWARE about my shortcoming. And I was WILLING to work at it. ONE DAY AT A TIME. ONE WEAKNESS AT A TIME. I knew that I was not living to my full potential. I knew in my heart that I meant to do bigger things. And I started to expect bigger things from life. But my daily habits at the time, didn’t have THE POWER nor THE ABILITY to hand me what I was asking for. So I had no choice but to make some MASSIVE changes to my daily habits.

Understand this, Motivation is good but It isn’t a reliable commodity. You have to have rich habits that you perform consistently without being EMOTIONAL about it. And when you do this, it transforms your entire life. It transforms the life of people around you. And I am a living example of this.

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