Train my TRIBE

Topics that we cover :

1) High performance mentality

Learn the psychology and mental frame work behind creating extra-ordinary results on a regular basis. Learn how high performers from various domains use their mind to produce phenomenal results under some greatest pressure possible.

2) The art of setting goals/ Unleashing the power of goal setting

Learn the science behind setting goals. Learn how we all can use our Reticular activating system ( RAS) to achieve virtually anything we set our minds to. This is where we make things tangible and real by defining clear goals and easy to execute strategies to get to our desired outcome.

3) Holy grail of achieving massive momentum

The goal is not to get great results once in a blue moon. The goal is to do great work consistently. Learn the frame work behind achieving MASSIVE momentum that your company needs and deserves, in this ever changing corporate environment.

4) Beliefs/values

We now know what are our daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals but if we have limiting beliefs around our goals and desires we undoubtedly fail to bring our goals to reality. So the second half of the workshop is all about discovering limiting beliefs and values around clearly defined goals and then systematically replacing them with empowering values to achieve long lasting results.

5) Time, energy and stress management

Every time we stressed about things we don’t have any or minimum control over, we are leaking energy. This leads to panic, overwhelm and chaos in our daily routine. Learn strategies behind managing your time and energy effectively and wisely. Also, learn the power of gratitude to replace feeling of daily anxiety and panic into pure sense of peace and confidence.